How to get the best deal on a new car in 2018

When buying a new vehicle and you encounter a fast-talking salesman, it would be hard for you to determine whether or not the offer makes sense. The truth is, salesmen have been trained to combine several aspects of the car-buying process into one. Here are the top seven ways you can get the best deal on a new car;

  1. What are the best new tech features available in the new car?

Your purpose of buying the car will determine the features you are going to look for when buying the car. For example, if your main purpose of buying the car is to transport cargo, then, your top two considerations will be safety and utility.

In contrast, if your main purpose of buying the car is to commute over long distances, you would need to save gas. So, your best option would be to choose a hybrid or an electric car. Other tech features you will find in new car are tech apps such as an app that uses dash cams to monitor the environment or an app that checks passengers. You need to consider whether or not it is worth it to buy a new car which has these features.

  1. Rent before you buy

It is a good idea to rent a comparable model to the one you want to buy before buying it. This will give you an idea of what you stand to enjoy when you start using your own.

Pro tip: you can get the best rental rate when you rent for one week.

  1. Negotiate through email

According to a research carried out by, dealership internet departments often quote a lesser price than the automotive marketing agency. Hence, negotiating through email isn’t a bad idea at all.

A side benefit of email negotiation is that you can negotiate with other dealerships without having to move from one dealership center to another. When you get a satisfactory price, take the quote to any dealership center. It is likely that they would want to match it. Learn more.

  1. Wheel-size matters

Most modern big wheels come with tiny tire sidewalls. But not only are they more expensive when you buy a new car with such tire size, they’ve also been proven to cause the car to consume more fuel. Also, when you want to replace them, the replacement tires will be more expensive.

I suggest you choose small-diameter wheels

  1. While negotiating, use your smartphone to verify market value and finance terms

This will prevent a salesman from giving you false since you can easily verify their claims on Edmunds and KelleyBlue Book.

  1. Ask for smaller things after negotiating the price

These smaller things can be floor mats or an extra key fob.

Pro tip: ask just before you sign the papers.

  1. Read the paperwork very well before you sign

There are times when there are mistakes with the math. So, I suggest you also pay special attention to the calculations in the paperwork to verify their correctness. Click here for more information:

Thinking About Starting Your Own Legal Practice? This Article Has Some Valuable Tips Which Can Help

Legal Practice

Legal Practice

It doesn’t matter if you have been working in the courtroom for years or you have recently passed the exam and are now looking for your first job, ever since you knew that you wanted to be a lawyer you knew that you wanted to start your own legal practice.

An admirable dream, no doubt. However, what the majority of lawyers fail to remember is that while, on the surface, you are operating a legal practice, underneath you still need to run the day-to-day requirements of a business effectively.

To help you out in regards to the non-lawyer side of things, below are some tips to consider.

It All Starts With a Name

The first thing that you will want to think about is what you will call your legal practice. Of course, ever since you started dreaming you knew that the name would be something like James Royce Legal Services, or something similar.

However, here is a situation to consider.

● A person is involved in and injured as a result of, a motor vehicle collision
● This person is looking for legal representation of their compensation claim
● The person finds two lawyers in their area

1. James Royce Legal Services
2. Royce Collision Compensation Lawyers

Can you guess which one they called? Of course, it is the one with the name that clearly tells the new client that a call to those offices will put them in contact with a lawyer who can help with their situation and needs.

Spend Your Capital Wisely

Once you have your office established then you will want to win and dine all of your potential clients, often spending lots of money on the task. And while it may bring you some new clients, it can also cost you a lot of money.

Similar to how you would spend your personal finances when it comes to entertaining of buying items for your business, look for coupons. For example, the Groupon Coupons page for Crowne Plaza Hotels is a great way to give your potential clients a night at a luxury hotel without having to break your corporate budget.

Of course, this tip isn’t restricted to hotels. Any service or item that you need to buy to start your business can likely be found for a much cheaper price using a coupon or a voucher.


On the subject of offices, there is no doubt that you want nothing short of the best. A high rise building with a fancy entrance and a range of art to entertain clients while they wait. And as great as this dream is, it isn’t one which you can achieve until your business is actually established and successful.

With this in mind, look for a location which is close enough for your clients to access but not so close to the city that you need to spend the majority of your startup capital on leases. For example, if you will be providing estate tax advice and services, consider setting up an office in an area with a statistically high rate of elderly people. Similarly, if you will be providing 24-hour emergency legal services then an office near a police station could be a good choice.

Starting a law firm is an admirable dream, and one which you should reach for, however, it’s important that you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and make sure you pay attention to the business side of things as well as providing legal services.